Sekisui is a worldwide leader in specialty thermoplastic sheet manufacturing. We have the unique ability to produce custom products for applications requiring high performance and regulatory compliance with an extensive array of color and texture combinations.

Industries served

The wide-ranging properties, ratings, textures, colors and patterns of KYDEX® sheet, together with its ability to be customized, make it suitable for applications too diverse to classify or anticipate. In addition, KYDEX® sheet is readily thermoformed, laminated, membrane pressed, Mitre-folded, post-formed, fabricated and machined, allowing each part of multi-component products to be produced using the most efficient technique, yet match all other components in appearance, further expanding application possibilities


KYDEX®'s outstanding physical properties and fire ratings, together with a wide selection of forming methods make KYDEX® an outstanding choice for your plastic needs. Specialized grades of KYDEX® sheet offer the durability, cleanability, and versatility required to exceed the most demanding application requirements